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Monday, August 18, 2014

It's been a while..

Things with Shop Cimily have been stressful, to say the least. I started to feel overwhelmed by all the things I had to do and all the updates and changes I wanted to make to improve the shop. And so, like most people who are stressed out by something, I began to avoid it. Yes, I felt guilty for not dealing with the issues I was having with it as soon as possible, but I came to the conclusion that, Shop Cimily should be something that I want to do for my kids, and for myself, and if I wasn't happy doing it, I should take a break until I did feel happy doing it.

And so the day I felt like I wanted to throw myself into working on the Shop came during Spring Break, in April. I asked my boyfriend (who was "just a friend" back then, hehe), Elliott, to help me shoot a quick video as a promo for the Shop Cimily's summer sale, and we got to work. The video only took three days to shoot together, but editing took, well..... a lot longer.

I almost thought not to release the video, but decided that it was better late than never. I'll be going off to college in only a couple weeks, and I'm hoping to sell some things before I go. I'm not sure what will happen to Shop Cimily when I leave, since I will no longer be able to ship the clothes, but hopefully I can continue it some way.

Ladies and gents, here it is: Shop Cimily Cannibal Summer 2014

Thursday, November 22, 2012



I'm so exuberantly excited. If you're new to my blog or my Youtube Channel, Shop Cimily is an online store for young women's clothing and accessories that I founded. 100% of Shop Cimily's earnings will be donated to the Tinkuy Peru Mountain School, located in Huancayo, Peru, where I volunteered at and taught English over this past summer. Right now I'm focusing on:

  • Buying the children Christmas gifts
  • Shipping over boxes of donated clothes
  • Buying a projector for the school
Hopefully, if Shop Cimily proves to be successful, we can look toward donating to other charities as well!

Like Shop Cimily's Facebook page:

Shop Cimily's Youtube Channel (where I will have monthly sneakpeaks and giveaways!):

Shop Cimily's Launching video:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Shop Cimily to open soon!!

As I mentioned in my last video, I am planning on opening up an online shop/ boutique, in which 100% of the proceeds will be donated toward funding and helping out the Tinkuy Peru Mountain School that I volunteered at this past summer (read about my adventures there on my personal blog). For now, the money will serve to cover the clothing donation shipment expenses and buy the school a projector and a few other electronic devices that will enable the start of a more advanced educational program. My hope is that the store will eventually grow big enough and be able to generate enough money to donate to other charities as well! ^___^ The website is currently under development, and photo shoots are taking place for the products.

The shop will offer a myriad of apparel and accessories primarily aimed at young women (AKA people like me). All of the items are hand-picked or hand-made by yours truly. Owning and managing my own online shop has always been one of my biggest dreams and aspirations, and being able to marry my fashionista side and my passion for volunteering abroad (basically, my only two interests) is a dream come true. A dream coming true, that is.

Here is a preview from last Saturday's photo shoot with the one and only Hannah P. (click here to visit Hannah's blog!)

I've started a separate blog for the store, so visit for future updates! :)