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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Formal/ Prom/ Party/ Special Occasion Hair

This is my collage of the best updos and downdos of beautiful hair for a formal or semi formal dance or party. My school is having Winter Formal next month, so this doubles as an organized hair idea thing for me. I will also be posting a list of dresses very soon. I've already made the post, but I don't want to publish it just yet, because my friends and I are going dress shopping later this week, so there might be ones that I like, and will take pictures of.

Cindy's Favorite Hair for Dances, Parties, etc. :

Saoirse Ronan, actress in "The Lovely Bones"
Is this still her? I can't really tell! I like the low, messier bun slightly more than the sophisticated tight one, as seen in the picture above.
Still her. a tight-ish low bun on the side. Possibly braided first and then twisted into a bun; can't really tell from this picture. (Introduced to this picture by
Small side French braid into a braided low bun. Probably some teasing of the crown involved. Courtesy of (Check out their website for more great stuff!)
Ashley Greene's lovely LOOSELY braided updo. Wish I could see the back, but her hair was probably curled first with a large barrel iron and then braided loosely and pulled back into a side bun ON THE SIDE I CAN'T SEE )=.
Although I'm not a fan of her dress in here, her hair does look beautiful, as usual! For those trying to replicate: curl hair with 3/4" iron, start from the bottom and pin hair towards center of the back of your head.
Really pretty side chignon :) I also love her earrings!
Keira Knightley is one of my favorites when it comes to messy updos.
another one

It's so pretty! *cries* Click here for instructions from
Just a messy updo :)
What I like to call a low side pouf. It was probably tied with a hair tie first, then teased/back combed her hair A LOT and then pinning the ends around the hair tie to cover it up.
The back of Jessica Alba's low messy bun/ chignon
Although I strongly disapprove of smoking, her hair is looking pretty nice.
Pretty and relaxed hair was displayed in a Chanel No. 5 ad that I saw in a magazine, so I googled Chanel ads until I found it :) I like how it's very soft and loose.
Selena Gomez's side chignon


Retro-ish. What I like are the bangs. Click here and scroll down for the video tutorial.
Taylor Swift's half updo. Curl hair with a 1 inch curling iron and spray with hard hold hairspray; tease the crown by back-combing, and pin back; straighten bangs and sweep to one side.

Another version of the above, but a little more romantic because of the free curl on the other side, and with a little head band.
Zooey Deschanel is so cute! This is a really easy hairstyle: just take about a 1.5" piece of hair from the left side (ear area) and braid it, bringing it over to the other side and pin behind the ear. Curl the rest of hair with a 1.25" curling iron and run fingers through curls to loosen them up.
That's it for now, I shall add more if I see more I like (=

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