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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Very similar to Gilt; with 50-75% off designer items PLUS a lot of beauty products on sale!

Not a member? Have no fear! Cindy is here~

... and not to mention that July is "Blow out Month" for Hautelook!

Sale link:

Monday, July 26, 2010


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OMG, I just saw the Alexander Wang Donna Hobo Bag from my Big Bag Wishlist on Gilt for only $379!!

It's sold out now, but you can still get on the Waitlist just in case someone doesn't want it anymore. -crosses fingers-

Join Gilt to get A LOT more great deals like this.You can save $$$ on designer stuff, and all sales start at 12 PM ET. Use my referral link, otherwise you have to REQUEST to become a Gilt Groupe member! hee hee, it's like an exclusive club (x

Gilt Groupe provides access, by invitation only, to Men’s, Women’s and Children’s coveted fashion and luxury brands at prices up to 70% off retail. Each sale lasts 36 hours and features hand selected styles from a single designer.
OH YEAH, new members get to be apart of the Special New Member- Sale! lots of cute stuff (=

For example, this ah-dorable Marc by Marc Jacobs BRITTANY STRIPE JERSEY DRESS 
$278 Retail
$89 Gilt

Sign up today or else you might miss out on a huge sale!
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3!

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Just testing out this new blogger gadget called Zemanta. Apparently, it will automatically suggest media, articles, and links to add to my post AS I TYPE. This is crazy.
This is what it would look like if I were writing about Pearl Harbor, Copenhagen, and Twilight? LOL:
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Turn Your Old Flares into Skinny Jeans!


I just made my own skinny jeans out of my sister's old bell bottom jeans, and it's so simple! I've been meaning to do this for a while, but was finally inspired by Instyle Magazine's June issue (and I also just sorted out clothes to sell for a garage sale this Saturday, and didn't want to give up ALL my denim..) All you have to do is cut the bottom seams and re-sew it to be however skinny you want! I have complete instructions below:


1. Choose a pair of old jeans that you wouldn't mind ruining, just in case this goes wrong. In other words, start with a pair that you don't like that much. Next, take out your favorite pair of skinny jeans, as your model to create your new pair.

2. Each pair of jeans are different, but most flares, flare from both sides. If it's your first time altering your jeans, I suggest only cutting from one side- the inside seam, because if you make a mistake it's much less noticeable. Cut from the bottom --> up. Remember that you are only cutting open the thread, not the actual denim. Only cut up to the part where the pants start to flare. No more, no less. (If you cut less, then when you are finished, there will be an awkward bump around the knee.) Do the same on the other leg.

3. Flip the jeans inside out and take a crayon or marker to draw a line of how skinny you want them to be. It's better to draw it more straight-legged than skinny, so you will not end up cutting too much. You can always make it skinnier later.

4. Start cutting half an inch away from the line you drew, because you have to leave space for sewing.You can cut both "layers" at the same time, or individually; it doesn't really matter.

5. Take it to your sewing machine and start sewing along the line you drew. Depending on your sewing machine, try to find the function for a straight line. Most sewing machines come with many options, like mine. There are 6 different ones to choose just for a straight line! Choose the one with the longest dash, like #10 in the picture.

6. It should now look like this:

(This is still inside out)
 Flip it out and try it on! If you're happy with the width and how it looks, then put it back in the machine and sew a zigzag along the edges. This will make sure the edges don't fray. If you are NOT happy with how it turned out, and want it skinnier, put it back under the machine and make a another straight line, depending on how much skinnier you want it to be. Oh, and it's okay if your lines aren't perfectly straight! Once you are happy with how skinny they are, cut off your first line and then do the zigzag thing.
It's okay if you have to redo the straight line lots of times! It took me three times to finally get it the way I wanted.

Remember to cut off all excess thread.

Also, make sure your thread isn't too loose. 


When flipped inside in and outside out, the seams should look like this:

Just like store- bought jeans (=

7. Repeat on the other leg. Try to copy your first leg as closely as possible. 


YAAAY! if you do this, please tell me and send me pics! :D

Friday, July 23, 2010

TOMS Shoes

NOTE: It has come to my attention that some of the links in this post do not work. Most of them lead to the website, so just click:

I first started seeing people wear these shoes A LOT last year, and my brother-in-law even has a pair. I thought TOMS were pretty interesting- looking. They're getting more and more popular, and I think they're super cute now with all the new designs! I would totally wear them because:

  • TOMS does this program called One for One. "With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One."
  • TOMS makes a whole bunch of organic cotton and vegan shoes, which I think are super cool!!
  • Almost everything is made of canvas (=  (for artistic people, you can paint/design them yourself! :D) 

  • TOMS were created in CALIFORNIA, BABY! hee hee
  • Every review I've read so far about TOMS shoes have said that they are super comfortable. And of course, comfy shoes = happy feet = happy person! ^_^
These Organic Cotton Cordones are soo cute! You can wear them with or without laces. That's a plus for me because I'm too lazy to deal with laces.

Love the blue ones! ugly picture, i know..
 I didn't see different colors on the website, but apparently the striped ones come in blue and yellow as well!

And in case you were wondering, there IS a difference between men's and women's TOMS. To be honest, they look the same to me; they're kind of like Converse.

 Light Blue Bridgeport Linen Women's Classics

Click here to check out TOMS shoes!

If the link doesn't work, click here:
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Going to try something else..

So the last post got a little long...

so instead of posting all the bags I like in one big gigantic list that takes forever to read (and forever X10 to edit), I'll just put up individual posts whenever I see a bag I like ^^. To view all the bag-related posts, just go to the LABELS section on the right hand side and click "bags".

Cindy's Big Bag Wishlist

I know school isn't going to start until September, but I am bored at the library and decided to look for a new bag/ backpack for the fall. (= Of course I could never afford most of these, but here are some bags I think are cuuuute and would VERY much appreciate getting as a gift! *wink wink* So I guess this is more like my wish list of big bags.

(get it? like Big Bad, but Big Bag?! Ahahahahahha)
(In NO order):

Brogue Houndstooth Day Fluffy Velour Tote by Juicy Couture

This bag hasn't even come out yet! Until August 17th, you have to pre-order it. I like the black and white one, also known as "Angel White Multi". Tres cute!! It's $198 on the Juicy website, and $228 on Bloomingdale's?? O.o

Juicy Couture Small Coastal Sparrow Tote

PRICE: $148.00 on
I like just about anything with birds printed on it. This Juicy tote just so happens to be purple (my favorite color, in case you didn't know), AND have vertical stripes! (I also like vertical stripes, in case you couldn't tell by both my blog templates.) I think any kind of tote is appropriate for school. The only think I don't like about this one is the color of the "handles". The dark-ish brown doesn't really match.



MARC BY MARC JACOBS Miss Marc Gingham Shopper Tote

PRICE: $148.00 on

This tote is so nerdy-cute, just like me! I love it! Good for school-use because it has additional pockets for cell phone and stuff. Made with canvas! (=

MARC BY MARC JACOBS Classic Q Drawstring Leather Tote

PRICE: $528.00 on

The drawstring and the long belt-like strap make it easy to carry around at school. It's also always nice to have the option of using a strap or carrying your bag on your shoulder.

Juicy Couture Gen Y Exquisite Mess Canvas Bow Tote

PRICE: $78.00 on
I like the front. It's no secret that I adore bows.  I like the feather design thing. BUT THE BACK IS SO UGLY!! I hate shiny cheap-looking writing. ughhh totally ruins this bag. But since it's only $78 (well, cheap compared to the other bags!), I would just buy a piece of fabric and sew it on the back to cover it. 

LeSportsac EveryGirl Tote in Vaudeville

OMG OMG OMG. THIS HAS TO BE THE CUTEST TOTE EVER!!! I HAVE TO GET THIS. Donations are appreciated (= just kidding! Once I start making money (hopefully very soon) I'M GONNA BUY THIS!! I like the pastel colors and CUTE rabbit and cat print.

Ooh!! there are so many different styles from the Vaudeville collection:

Alexander Wang Donna Leather Hobo

$795 on Saks
I like the split zipper in front! I would buy the black one, but I posted a picture of the "Mocha" -colored bag just so I have more colors in the blog post. Perfect size for school!


Salvatore Ferragamo Ms. Vara Bow Tote

$890 on Saks.
BOW <3

Valentino Denim Medium Nuage (Exclusively at Saks)

$895. The color and texture are pretty! Although it is hard to tell from the front view, it has a big bow on the side.

...Still a little hard to tell )=


L.A.M.B. Celendine Leather Zip Tote

Nothing too special; the front pockets look very convenient.

$398.00 on Saks.

Nothing too special; the front pockets look very convenient.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm Review

It's pretty average. Nothing special, really. This Honey Lip Balm really doesn't smell or feel or taste like honey. (Yeah, some of it went in my mouth) What's quite shocking is that it smells like.. Johnson and Johnson's Baby Powder. I'm not quite fond of that odor because it reminds me of baby butts which remind me of poop. In other words, I don't like the smell. Why am I using it then? BECAUSE I LOST MY OTHER LIP BALM. YEAH, THE ONE I LOVED.

I'm pretty sure I still like Burt's Bees products. After all, my second favorite Lip Balm is the Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil. That one smells so delicious (=

All of the Burt's Bees Lip Balms I've used are what they say they are: Soothing-Moisturizing-Nourishing. In addition, all of Burt's Bees products are made of 100% natural ingredients and the plastic tubes contain 50% post-industrial recycled plastics. PLUS, they're not tested on animals, so Burt's Bees are triple- good for the environment. They're really not at all expensive for what they're worth.

However, I really hate walking around with this baby-butt-poop smell on my lips, which are located right under my nose, which means I smell baby-butt-poop every where I go. SO, 4 out of 5 stars for this particular lip balm.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Template

Do you like this better than the colorful shopping bag template??

I do! I originally didn't want to use this template because it's the same one as, but this is the only one I like... out of the hundred or so. It's a lot simpler, and less messy-looking. Tell me if you like it. (=

Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray Review

I've heard SO many great things about this hairspray- from reviews like this (and no, the Cindy that asked the question was not me) and from Youtube videos such as juicystar07's Miley Cyrus- Inspired Curls.

I tested it out on Saturday and just curled my hair normally, and yes, I too have fallen in love with the Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray.

  • The can is really big. It's a little hard for me and my small hands to hold, especially while spraying. Usually, I keep all my hair products/ sprays in a little cabinet, but this one doesn't fit. The large can is also a plus for money-savers because there's a lot of hairspray (=
  • I've heard lots of bad stuff about the Sebastian Shaper PLUS. So, be careful not to accidentally get that!
  • Brushable styling Hairspray with hold and control. It really doesn't make your hair all hard and gel-like. Instead, it makes your hair controlled and looks natural.

  • #1 selling hairspray in America!
  • Aerosol. Truthfully, I like aerosol hairsprays because it's more convenient when I want to spray all over my head without stopping. It's also easier to control how much hairspray I want in a particular area. With non-aerosol, I really have no choice on the amount of hairspray going on a spot. Aerosol hairsprays had a bad reputation for a while because aerosol was made of compounds that emitted chloroflourocarbons into the atmosphere, and damaging the ozone layer. However, aerosol hairsprays today have eliminated those harmful compounds, and are perfectly environmental- friendly. So, the only difference between aerosol and non-aerosol today is what YOU prefer.
  • Non Sticky. WOOHOO!
  • SALE AT ULTA RIGHT NOW! only around $7! for a limited time only. Only available in-store.