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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Best Lip Balm Ever!

My newly-found favorite chapstick: Eco Lips. It's made of organic ingredients only, it's SPF 30, and made in the US. AND IT SMELLS LIKE HONEY (= I was doubtful at first when my mom gave it to me; she got it for free. However, you shouldn't judge a product by its price! For some reason, mine says Kaiser Permanente on it, so maybe they sponsered Eco Lips?

(Sorry for the ugly picture. I took it using the webcam of my computer, and photoshopped it instead of using a real camera)

I did not find my exact lip balm on amazon, but they have some other variations and flavors! Check them out!

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  1. i was looking at that and it says that companies can buy those lip balms and put their names on it for a fee. so that's why it's Kaiser Permanente. :D i love lip balms too. :D


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