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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm sorry! and Tips on preparing for Winter Formal Dance/Prom

I know I said I would make a blog post on dresses suitable for Winter Formal/Prom dance. I'm sorry I decided not to. Instead, here are a few tips on how to make shopping and planning less stressful! (mostly for girls)
    • Buy your dress and shoes on the same day. This way, you'll be able to match your dress with your shoes. I know it's tiring to do ANYTHING after dress shopping, but trust me, you'll thank yourself later.
    • Don't stress about not getting the perfect shoe. No one will be staring at your feet. They'll all be worrying about their own after four tiresome hours of dancing.
    • Tell your date the color of your dress as soon as you get it, and make sure he goes out and find his matching tie/vest
    • Do not trust a guy to go to the florist and order your corsage. Either go with him or go with a friend and order a white rose with black ribbon corsage. It tends to match with any dress you pick out, and also, you can always go back to the florist and change it later. You just don't want to go at the last minute, and have the florist tell you that they got 3000 orders of corsages and boutonnieres; they can't take your order.
    • Don't stress about finding a necklace/earrings. Jewelry is not a priority, and it's okay to not wear any. 
    • DO worry about how you're going to get to the location. Getting rides from parents may be just a little awkward. Get a group of friends and go in a limousine! (Unless your date is scared of them, of course, which sadly, is my case.)
    • Don't forget to buy a warm but dressy jacket that you can wear before and after the dance! Since most formal dances take place during the evening (mine is from 8PM to 12 AM), it's going to get chilly! I got mine from Forever 21!
    • Click here to buy/see it on the website
    • Get a clutch/little handbag that's not too small. You should be able to put your wallet (or at least your school ID card, some money, and your ticket) and a tampon/pad just in case mother nature decides to come for a visit. 
    • Decide ahead of time and make reservations for dinner, if it is not served at your dance. This year, there will only be appetizers available at Winter Formal, so we're going to go eat before going to the dance. 
    • Look at my blog post on hairstyles to wear for hair ideas!
    I'll be adding more if I think of any. Happy dancing!

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