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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Talking about my purple hair!

Herro! I recently re-dyed a small section of my hair. I always use the same hair dye, 'N Rage Color in Purple Plum. For the first few days, my hair is a vibrant shade of deep purple-blue. It soon fades to a standard purple, and then pinkish-purple. Lastly, it becomes a nasty gray-white, which means it's time to re-dye! I can re-dye my hair at least 3 times before having to re-bleach it.

*please ignore the mess!


  1. after black, I hear that purple fades the slowest..hmmm....mine can last at least 4 months before it fades to light pink, but I never let it go that long because..ugh roots, gross... I bleach every time I re-dye, which is so bad for hair, but it opens the cuticles to allow for better color-adherence.
    I'm trying to grow out all my dyed hair right now, so it's been 3 months and 3 days, and still vibrant purple.

  2. But when my friends dye their hair red, it always lasts a much much longer time than mine!

  3. my color changes so quickly that everyone thinks I'm re-dyeing it all the time, or something. =/


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