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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Forever 21 Spring sun dresses and skirts

Hehe, nerd pride!Mock Two Piece Dress
Lace Tunic

The back is soo coool!
It's so pretty, I think I'm in love! Spring Day Dress

Lately I've been really into the navy blue and white color combination!

Scratch Print Dress

Strapless Beaded Dress
 I've been absolutely loving nude dresses lately! (Not that the dress above would look nude on me... I'm much too tan.) I especially adore the one on Taylor Swift here:
A tad too fancy for a casual summer dress, but 'tis extremely lovely!
Cute, right? But can you guess what print it is?
That's right, they're birds!! :D Bird Print Skirt

Floral Spring Skirt

The model looks like a flamingo here. Lace Yoke Posy Dress
I love this! it's a one-piece dress that's great for business-y things. Not too formal, not too casual. Mock Two Piece Dress
Casual Floral Skirt
I LOVE THE BACK TOO! I think I might get this dress; I like it so much!

Erica Ruffle Dress
Sweetheart Chambray Dress
(Love the model's face!) Comes in 4 colors! Woven Ruffle Dress

 See this previous post ( for more dresses with flower print! (:

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