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Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY Leather Hair Bow

The leather bow featured in this blog post is now for sale on! am trying to raise money to go to Peru later this month. I will be volunteering and teaching English at a local school in Huancayo for children who do not have the financial assets to attend school. I would really like to be able to pay my host family well and buy gifts for the children and donate. All profits will go directly to helping them. Thanks! 

*Note that there are several ways to making a leather hair bow, but this is the way I went about doing it and it worked well for me! ^__^ Enjoy!

Materials needed: 
  • Strip of leather, size depends on how big you want your bow. I used a piece about 13" long and 3" wide.
  • Super glue* (this is not necessary, but I find that it holds the best. you can opt for some string instead.)
  • a barrette (mine is 3")
  • Needle & thread* (may be arbitrary)

10" by 3" piece of black leather. LOL my PSAT book in the background... 

Super glue

3" barrette
Step 1:

Cut the leather into desired shape & glue into a loop.

Step 2: Pinch from the middle into desired bow shape:

Step 3: Add a dot of super glue to the middle point and pinch into place:

Step 4: Take a small 1/2" wide piece of leather to wrap around the center & glue it down:

Step 5: glue the back onto the barrette:

Press firmly

Step 6: for extra security, use needle and thread to sew the barrette onto the bow using the side holes.

Wha-la! 'tis done!

I had also dip-dyed/bleached/ ombre-d my hair today, so if you wanna see that video, here it is:


  1. Oooh I love this! I may have to do it :) please check out my blog?
    ps. I think i'm first comment?! :D

  2. Your hair look so gorgeous. I like it,but I think that to your black hair a more apply purple color.


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