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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Conair Infinity Nano Tourmaline Ceramic 1" Curling Iron Review

I was deciding between this and the regular Conair Instant Heat Styling Iron ($14.99) on my latest trip to Ulta. Although this one is $5 more expensive, it has a Tourmaline Ceramic barrel instead of the regular chrome barrel. There is still no real scientific evidence to back this up, but "experts" say that tourmaline ceramic plates or barrels reduce heat damage to hair by spreading out the heat and "locking in" moisture, which eliminates frizz. I don't know about that, but I LOVE this curling iron! 

  • Tourmaline Ceramic™ technology emits ions to eliminate frizz
  • Infrared energy protects hair's natural luster
  • Doesn't snag hair at all
  • Powerful ceramic heater. I learned this the hard way, but basically it gets REALLY HOT, REALLY FAST.
  • Uniform heat recovery maintains constant temperature
  • Ultra-high heat levels 310-395°F
  • 30-second instant heat-up
  • Protective heat shield for safe, easy storage. Kind of cool!

  • Auto shutoff
  • LED temperature settings
  • Extra-long 9-foot professional-length cord
  • Limited five-year warranty 
  • If you look closely at the picture, there is this black plastic thing on the bottom between the barrel and the blue handle that prevents your index finger from sliding onto the HOT barrel, and burning yourself. 
  • The temperature setting buttons don't get in the way (=
  • I wish the handle/thumb part was longer; my thumb slides up the handle sometimes, and gets really close to the HOT HOT HOT metal part connected to the barrel.
  • I burned my thumb!!, and then I had to go to piano class with my throbbing finger and be expected to play a Beethoven Rondo perfectly. That is why I have been emphasizing how HOT this thing gets.
  • The black plastic joint on the tip of the curling iron is where I hold with my other and when I curl my hair, and unfortunately, it gets kind of hot as well. Of course, it doesn't heat up as much as the metal, but just be careful.
Overall, I like this curling iron a lot. The Conair Infinity was definitely a wise choice in purchasing a curling iron. 4 out of 5 stars! 

BY THE WAY, this is usually $24.99 on the Conair website, but I guess it was on sale at Ulta (but not available on Ulta's website =/) for $19.99. Go buy it! 

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  1. oo thanks! i think i might go and buy it ;D


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