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Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Hair Day

 This was from Monday night, and I didn't really notice at the time, but looking back on the pictures, I had a really good hair day that day!

I know the pictures are really dark, and I'm sorry but my Photoshop isn't working! arghh

Anyway, I think I have finally found my little secret to nice, smooth hair!

1. After showering, put hair in a towel and leave on top of head for 10 minutes.
2. Use Chi Silk Infusion and finger through hair. (don't comb or brush)
3. Part hair and let air- dry.
4. Once completely dry, brush out hair.
5. Loosely French braid hair. This will help condense the hair. Here it's especially important to make sure hair is not the least bit wet, otherwise when you take out your braid you'll have weird waves!
6. Leave hair in braid for 5-10 minutes. Take braid out and comb/brush. And wha-la!
7. (OPTIONAL) Spray hair with shine serum or very light hairspray.

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