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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Revlon Salon Styler 1875 Watt Dryer Model RV408BLU

Okay, I'm a little scared to use this. Why?

I bought this from TJ Maxx a couple days ago because I have never used a hair dryer with a Concentrator Attachment, and apparently you can straighten your hair just by using that when you blow dry. Anyway, I was afraid to open it because it comes in this plastic bag, so if I open it and I end up not liking it, then the store probably won't be very happy about giving me a refund... SO, I decided to search for some reviews on it online to see if it was worth it. The scary thing is that I cannot find any mention of this hair dryer ANYWHERE! I searched on Revlon's website, Google shopping, Google, Makeupalley,,, etc etc. AND I COULD NOT FIND THIS HAIR DRYER!!

The closest thing I found was this:

However, the one I have is blue and it doesn't say Turbo Dryer. grr. On the bottom of the box it even says, "For product information, visit us at"

The weird thing is that it was copyrighted in 2009, so it's really new. Why are there no reviews? Perhaps there was something wrong so they discontinued them immediately...
Also, I bought this one for $16.99, but I saw the Turbo black one for as cheap as $12.99 somewhere online. So I guess I will get that one instead.

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