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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pravana Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment Review

My sister lent this to me a while ago, and I just noticed it last week, still sitting on my bathroom counter untouched. My mini-obsession of finding leave-in conditioners and treatments and masks had long since disappeared, but I decided to try this since it was just sitting there, "not doing nothing." I was pleasantly surprised!

Website claims:

This multi-purpose lightweight detangler provides 12 ways to perfect hair. Includes PRAVANA's proprietary Naturceutical Complex™. An added bonus: it can be used to set makeup with a light mist and moisturizes skin for the closest shave!

Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment benefits:
1. Instantly detangles
2. Provides deep hydration
3. Equalizes hair porosity
4. Protects hair during thermal styling
5. Helps repair split ends
6. Protects hair color
7. Gives hair shine
8. Eliminates effects of static electricity
9. Soothes irritated skin
10. Effective Pre-color treatment
11. Lessens effects of chlorine
12. A perfect hair cutting lotion for salon stylists

Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment 3.4 oz
10.1 oz

I'm not quite sure if I would spray this on my face to set my makeup and we all know that it is impossible to repair split ends (see my video on hair growth about that), but other than those two claims, I concur with all the other benefits, especially the first and 6th. It's the most magical hair detangler I've ever used, far more superior than any other I've tried previously (L'oreal one, a Rusk one, and a Kronos one). It leaves my hair feeling free of any knots or tangles, completely smooth, without making it feel wet or oily.

4.5 out of 5 stars!

It also currently has 8 out of 8 five star reviews on Amazon!
The 10.1 oz bottle is currently only $10 on Amazon as well.

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