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Sunday, September 26, 2010

It is real? Is it a scam? Can you really get "free" designer handbags and an iPad?!

My friends, for now I am going to say: yes, it is real. It has been confirmed by many Youtubers that they have ordered Louis Vuitton bags, and have arrived safely and authentic.

I've just started using, and let me tell you: earning points is NOT as easy as it seems. You would have to be on there 24/7 to earn enough points for something nice. Is it better than spending the real money to buy it? Hell yes. The only thing I am not loving about Luuux right now is that all the pages load veryyyy slooooowly, most likely because SO many people are on there.

If you do create an account, add me! Just search for 'thatswhatcindysaid' (=

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