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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Polaroids + "Outfit of the Day"

I am falling back in love with my Polaroid camera and Polaroid pictures! The top right picture is my favorite because of the angle/lighting/weird focus, except my legs got cut off by my stool >:O. So I tried to re-create it in my second picture (the top left one) but it just didn't come out the same. I took the last picture (bottom one) because I had one more polaroid film left in the camera.

ANYWAY, this really isn't my Outfit of the Day, it's my Outfit of Another Day. It's a business-y and semi-formal but at the same time casual look. Good for: interviews or when I am an ambassador. (We have this ambassador program at school for when colleges come to visit and a student of our school is the ambassador for them. Ambassadors for our school are required to dress nicely when their assigned colleges come to visit.)

What I'm wearing:

  • off-white Marc by Marc Jacobs ruffle button-up short-sleeved cotton blouse (sorry, I don't know the exact name!) with 
  • a dark blue Hollister ruffle tank underneath
(except in dark blue)
  • dark blue high-waisted band skirt by Miley Cyrus and Max Azria (from the clearance section at Walmart for $3!)

Hair: Half up (criss-crossing bobby pins in the back)
  • Purple feather earrings from my friend Vivian!
  • Wood peace-sign necklace (that I wear almost everyday because it makes me feel more secure) from my friend Michelle!

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