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Friday, December 3, 2010

500 Days of Summer Movie Review

So here I am, avoiding doing homework as always, but today I will utilize my time a little more wisely.
(500) Days of Summer

If you're one of those people who just want to know whether or not I liked this movie, and why, then screw you. I'm telling a story.

Just kidding. I give it a 4.5 out of 5, and it is one of the (if not THE) most life-changing  movies I have ever watched. The only reason why some of my friends don't like it, is because they watched it expecting a romantic comedy or a chick-flick. It's not; it's way better.

A few months ago, around late August or early September, I finally watched this movie, "500 Days of Summer" by myself at 5 AM. Why did you decide to watch it? When I was volunteering at the library one day, I saw this DVD on the return cart and decided to check it out, since I had seen this movie "liked" so many times on facebook by my friends. Why did you watch it by yourself, you loser? because it was 5 AM. Why was it 5 AM when you watched it? because the night/ morning before, I was sleeping perfectly fine in my bed, and then I started scratching. I scratched my arms, I scratched my face. I heard a high-pitched buzzing sound next to my ear and immediately got up and ran to my sister's room, because I knew I had been bitten by a mosquito. Not wanting to actually stop sleeping, I went to my sister's empty/full bed (empty as in, not occupied by a human, but full as in, full of junk) and pushed the random boxes and books away and buried my face into the edge of the bed and got some Z's. Unfortunately, I was too drowsy to remember to close the door, so the mosquito followed me and continued to suck my blood away. From my face. Around 4 AM I finally decided to get out, so I went downstairs and ate some breakfast. I was supposed to go volunteer at school at 8 AM, but after checking the state of my face in the mirror, I decided not to go. Why? because it looked like parts of my face were swollen/ had REALLY bad acne, which was not the impression I wanted to give some of my friends who I had not seen for 2 months.

Like I said, I was downstairs, eating my cereal on the couch. "Well, this is fun," I though sarcastically. Then, I noticed a blue and yellow DVD sitting on the coffee table in front of me. It was "500 Days of Summer". I popped it in the DVD player and watched all the commercials. Yes, all of them. Why? because I was drowsy, and I didn't care.

Before pressing "Play Movie", I turned on the subtitles. (I can't remember exactly, but) The options were, "Spanish Subtitles", "French Subtitles", or "English subtitles for the deaf or stupid". Thanks.

The movie starts off with a male narrator saying how "This is of a story of boy meets girl. The boy, Tom..........................", while showing childhood clips of the boy (Tom Hansen, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and girl (Summer Finn, played by Zooey Deschanel) and ends the first narration part with "...but you should know upfront, that this isn't a love story." Before every major scene in the movie, there is a number, indicating what day it is. Tom meets summer on Day (1). The reason why I put parentheses on that number is because that's how the movie does it. It then jumps around, so be sure watch what day it is, otherwise you may get confused.

The whole story line is this: Tom meets Summer, who he believes is "the one" for him. He thinks that they are compatible together, and he is sure that it was fate that brought them together. Summer, on the other hand, doesn't believe in fate, destiny, or even true love. (According to my memory, ) When she asks how Tom could be so sure that love even exists, he says, "You'll know it when you feel it," and stares intently into her eyes. She replies, "Well, I guess we can just agree to disagree," and the disappointment is clear in his face. Anyway, Tom eventually wins her over, and they start dating. Unfortunately, "life happens", and things don't go Tom's way. You'll just have to watch to find out.

"500 Days of Summer" is witty, realistic, and thought-provoking. Before watching this movie, I didn't really think about, or develop an opinion about fate, true love, etc. Whether you agree with the ending of the movie or not, after you watch it, you'll most likely have a better understanding of yourself.

Now, onto my favorite quote from the movie:

(500) Days of Summer
"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Fuck you, whore."

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