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Friday, July 23, 2010

Cindy's Big Bag Wishlist

I know school isn't going to start until September, but I am bored at the library and decided to look for a new bag/ backpack for the fall. (= Of course I could never afford most of these, but here are some bags I think are cuuuute and would VERY much appreciate getting as a gift! *wink wink* So I guess this is more like my wish list of big bags.

(get it? like Big Bad, but Big Bag?! Ahahahahahha)
(In NO order):

Brogue Houndstooth Day Fluffy Velour Tote by Juicy Couture

This bag hasn't even come out yet! Until August 17th, you have to pre-order it. I like the black and white one, also known as "Angel White Multi". Tres cute!! It's $198 on the Juicy website, and $228 on Bloomingdale's?? O.o

Juicy Couture Small Coastal Sparrow Tote

PRICE: $148.00 on
I like just about anything with birds printed on it. This Juicy tote just so happens to be purple (my favorite color, in case you didn't know), AND have vertical stripes! (I also like vertical stripes, in case you couldn't tell by both my blog templates.) I think any kind of tote is appropriate for school. The only think I don't like about this one is the color of the "handles". The dark-ish brown doesn't really match.



MARC BY MARC JACOBS Miss Marc Gingham Shopper Tote

PRICE: $148.00 on

This tote is so nerdy-cute, just like me! I love it! Good for school-use because it has additional pockets for cell phone and stuff. Made with canvas! (=

MARC BY MARC JACOBS Classic Q Drawstring Leather Tote

PRICE: $528.00 on

The drawstring and the long belt-like strap make it easy to carry around at school. It's also always nice to have the option of using a strap or carrying your bag on your shoulder.

Juicy Couture Gen Y Exquisite Mess Canvas Bow Tote

PRICE: $78.00 on
I like the front. It's no secret that I adore bows.  I like the feather design thing. BUT THE BACK IS SO UGLY!! I hate shiny cheap-looking writing. ughhh totally ruins this bag. But since it's only $78 (well, cheap compared to the other bags!), I would just buy a piece of fabric and sew it on the back to cover it. 

LeSportsac EveryGirl Tote in Vaudeville

OMG OMG OMG. THIS HAS TO BE THE CUTEST TOTE EVER!!! I HAVE TO GET THIS. Donations are appreciated (= just kidding! Once I start making money (hopefully very soon) I'M GONNA BUY THIS!! I like the pastel colors and CUTE rabbit and cat print.

Ooh!! there are so many different styles from the Vaudeville collection:

Alexander Wang Donna Leather Hobo

$795 on Saks
I like the split zipper in front! I would buy the black one, but I posted a picture of the "Mocha" -colored bag just so I have more colors in the blog post. Perfect size for school!


Salvatore Ferragamo Ms. Vara Bow Tote

$890 on Saks.
BOW <3

Valentino Denim Medium Nuage (Exclusively at Saks)

$895. The color and texture are pretty! Although it is hard to tell from the front view, it has a big bow on the side.

...Still a little hard to tell )=


L.A.M.B. Celendine Leather Zip Tote

Nothing too special; the front pockets look very convenient.

$398.00 on Saks.

Nothing too special; the front pockets look very convenient.


  1. I loooove the miss Marc bag!!! Well all miss Marc stuff.

    I sent you a an email about the gilt deal on the Alexander Wang bag.

  2. All those handbags are definitely on my wishlist too!


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