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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray Review

I've heard SO many great things about this hairspray- from reviews like this (and no, the Cindy that asked the question was not me) and from Youtube videos such as juicystar07's Miley Cyrus- Inspired Curls.

I tested it out on Saturday and just curled my hair normally, and yes, I too have fallen in love with the Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray.

  • The can is really big. It's a little hard for me and my small hands to hold, especially while spraying. Usually, I keep all my hair products/ sprays in a little cabinet, but this one doesn't fit. The large can is also a plus for money-savers because there's a lot of hairspray (=
  • I've heard lots of bad stuff about the Sebastian Shaper PLUS. So, be careful not to accidentally get that!
  • Brushable styling Hairspray with hold and control. It really doesn't make your hair all hard and gel-like. Instead, it makes your hair controlled and looks natural.

  • #1 selling hairspray in America!
  • Aerosol. Truthfully, I like aerosol hairsprays because it's more convenient when I want to spray all over my head without stopping. It's also easier to control how much hairspray I want in a particular area. With non-aerosol, I really have no choice on the amount of hairspray going on a spot. Aerosol hairsprays had a bad reputation for a while because aerosol was made of compounds that emitted chloroflourocarbons into the atmosphere, and damaging the ozone layer. However, aerosol hairsprays today have eliminated those harmful compounds, and are perfectly environmental- friendly. So, the only difference between aerosol and non-aerosol today is what YOU prefer.
  • Non Sticky. WOOHOO!
  • SALE AT ULTA RIGHT NOW! only around $7! for a limited time only. Only available in-store.

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