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Friday, January 29, 2010

Garnier Products Review

They suck. Seriously, I'm not very picky, and I don't know much about hair/beauty products, but I know Garnier is not good.

My sister gave a Garnier "Fructis Style Smoothing Milk" to me recently, because she didn't want it.
Now I know why.
It's supposed to have "instant smoothing and frizz control", and is labeled STRONG, but it doesn't even work, at all. My hair isn't even that frizzy, and it still does nothing. It just smells good. I guess you could think of it as a hair perfume, but that's pretty pointless, so don't buy it.
I bought a "FULL CONTROL Hairspray" from Garnier, just to try it out, because I do like the smell, but this was also a waste of money. It's  labeled ULTRA STRONG "All-Day Hard Hold". Maybe it holds hard within the first five minutes, but it definitely does not last one day; I don't think it even lasts 3 hours.

Do not buy the product:
It sucks.

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  1. I like Garnier shampoos. They're pretty good. But yah, I agree with you on the hairspray and other products. They suck and are just good for hair perfume but I will SWEAR by their shampoos. Bt then again, I haven't used Garnier shampoos in a while, so maybe their new products suck.


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