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Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm a chef/ fashion designer!

Thursday, August 20, 2009 (when I had originally written this)

yesterday, daddy and i went to trader joe's. after taking 3 samples of casadilla from the taste post, we were walking down the bread isle while i stared at the pies and cookies, longing for a taste. soo, i decided to bake a pie! we bought some berries, and went home.
i had never baked a pie before, and had no idea how to make the crust, so i went on google to search for a recipe. i found it too difficult, and that it would test my patience very much. daddy had mentioned that we forgot to buy mama oatmeal, so we went to Stater Brothers. When we found the oats, I noticed that on the back of the oatmeal thing, it had a recipe for apple sauce oatmeal muffins! YUM! i decided to bake muffins instead, since i already made apple sauce.
although they did get burned on the bottom, they taste pretty good. here is a picture of 3/4s of the last one. for some reason, the recipe had said that it would make 12 muffins, but i managed to only make 6.

Today, i decided to make clothing. why? because i always want to, but am often too lazy. although i did successfully complete a shirt, there is still a lot of laziness in it, because i only modified a shirt that i didn't want anymore. it used to be a long sleeve, peach limited too shirt with lace stuff on the bottom and top. now, it's a short sleeved, hand stitched shirt with a square neck and short bottom, since i cut off the lace stuff. and i added 2 very cute buttons ;).

but i did make a mess along the way...

I also made the skirt, with the help of my sister. It's denim.

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