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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Up Movie Review

I watched up for the second time today. It was actually much more enjoyable this time; maybe due to better quality and surround sound in the school music room. Anyhow, I do like the movie. I loved the theme with balloons- the blue balloon when Carl and Ellie first met, the balloon-selling at the zoo, the blue balloon (again) when she was at the hospital, the balloons at Ellie's funeral, and, of course, the balloons that made the house fly. It contains one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard, and I'm planning on looking for the sheet music. The animation is very cute, and the plot is somewhat original (or, as original as it could possibly get). I like how the it incorporates many different cliche scenarios to make the whole movie overall non cliche. Examples of cliche-ness turned non cliche: The beginning, when Ellie got sick and died, and left poor Carl by himself, (To be honest, the first 20 minutes or so was my favorite.), when Carl finds out about Russel's family (step mother, and a father that doesn't come back often), and when Carl realizes he made a mistake in rejecting Kevin, the big bird, and Dug, the dog.

What I did not like that much was the plot. For some reason, the crazy person on the cliff with the plane and dogs trying to kill Carl did not appeal to me. It wasn't horrible; it was just "eh". Everything else was great- cute, funny, sad all where it should be. However, since the MAIN plot wasn't so great, I can only give this movie a 3.5 out of 5. If this movie had no point, and was just a fantasy, which I wouldn't mind, but most people probably would, I would love it.

Buy the movie: (4 Disc Blue-ray/ Single Disc Widescreen)

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